Q: What is csgojoe.com?
A: csgojoe.com is a free site, where you get free coins to play for. You can trade your winnings to real CS:GO Skins.
You can not deposit skins on csgojoe.com! csgojoe.com has and will always be completely free for all users!
Q: Is it free to play at csgojoe.com?
A: Yes, it is completely free, and you can trade your winnings to real CS:GO Skins

Q: How do I get free coins?
A: The first time you login, you will get 500 free coins. Afterwards we give you 50 free coins every time you run out of coins!
Put csgojoe.com in your Steam profile name, and you will get 100 free coins every time you run out of coins!
Q: Can I purchase or get extra coins?
A: No, you get 500 coins to start with, and up to 50 free coins each time you reach 0 coins.

Q: Why are skins so expensive?
A: Our only income on this site is from ads. If we get more income from ads, then we will lower the prices

Q: How many coins do I need to get a CS:GO skin?
A: Look at the skins at the Skins page

Q: How much is the payout?
A: If you bet red or black, you win the amount X 2, if you bet on a number, you get 14 times your bet back.

Q: Can I send coins to other users?
A: Nope, everyone needs to win their own coins.

Q: I have 0 coins, why?
A: You get 50 or 100 free coins every time you are at 0 coins. But if you are in the progress of a game, then you will not get the free coins until you have finished that game. So if you have 0 coins, check if you have an open Mines games, or are in the progress of a Crash or Roulette game.

Q: How do csgojoe.com earn money?
A: We show ads on the page, and most of the income from the adds goes directly to skins.

Q: Why can I not play with my adblock plugin activated?
A: Our only income is from ads, so if we can not show you ads, we can not buy new skins! Please back us up, so we can continue this site

Q: Why is my trade cancelled?
A: If your steam account is private, we can not trade you. The trade will be cancelled, and you get your coins back.

Q: How fast do I get my skin?
A: Usually within a few minutes, but if your tradelink is private, or you do not use your own tradelink, then your trade will be cancelled after 10 minutes.

Q: How do csgojoe.com generate random numbers?
A: The randomness comes from atmospheric noise. We use random.org to generate random numbers!

Q: Is it allowed to make use a bot?
A: No, you should not use a bot. Our only income is from ads, and bots do not see ads!
If we detect a bot, autoclicker, betting script or similar we will ban the account.