Q: What is csgojoe.com?
A: csgojoe.com is a free site, where you get free coins to play with, With the free coins you win You can buy CS:GO Skins from our Shop! You can not deposit skins on csgojoe.com! csgojoe.com has and will always be completely free for all users!
Q: Is it free to play at csgojoe.com?
A: Yes, it is completely free, You can’t deposit skins! You can only withdraw skins for free!
Q: What is “Level” and how to Level up?
A: The Level is attached on your account on csgojoe.com. Every time you Level up you get extra coins when your balance is 0. If you are at level 5, you get 55 or 105 coins(if you have csgojoe.com). If you are at level 44 you get 94 or 144(if you have csgojoe.com) coins each time your balance is 0.

Each day you can level up on each game 1 time.

  • - On Roulette you level up if bet on green with at least 300 coins, and win, you level 1 up
  • - On Coinflip, win a bet agains Team Joe, where you bet at least 300 coins
  • - On Crash make a bet on at least 300 coins, and do a payout on 5x or higher
  • - On Mines, hit a "Joe", with a bet on at least 300 coins

Daily levels are updated one time each day. To rise in level you need to play 4 games of Roulette, 4 games of Coinflip, 4 games of Crash and 4 games of Mines. If you do not login to csgojoe.com for 1 day, then you lose 1 level for each day you do not login. You can max be in level 100
Q: Why can I only make 500 bets each day?
A: To make it fair to everyone, and prevent bots. Our only income is from ads, and we want everyone to have an even chance to win skins!
Q: How do I get free coins?
A: The first time you login, you will get 500 free coins. Afterwards we give you 50 free coins every time you run out of coins! And if you Put csgojoe.com in your Steam profile name, and you will get 100 free coins every time you run out of coins! You get extra coins if you are above level 0
Q: Why are skins so expensive?
A: Because the CS:GO skin withdrawal and this site is completely free and our only income on this site is from ads. If we get more income from ads, then we will lower the prices
Q: Can I send coins to other users?
A: Nope, everyone needs to win their own coins.
Q: How fast do I get my skin?
A: Usually within a few minutes.
Q: Why is my trade cancelled?
A: If your steam account is private, or if you are not available to trade, The trade will be cancelled, and you get your coins back.
Q: Why do I need to have CS:GO to withdraw skins?
A: You fight agains users making bot and multiple accounts force us to demand that users have CS:GO on their steam account.
Q: Why can I not play with my adblock plugin activated?
A: Our only income is from ads, so if we can not show you ads, we can not buy new skins! Please back us up, so we can continue this site
Q: I have 0 coins, why?
A: You get 50 or 100 free coins every time you are at 0 coins. But if you are in the progress of a game, then you will not get the free coins until you have finished that game. So if you have 0 coins, check if you have an open Mines games, or are in the progress of a Crash or Roulette game.
Q: How do csgojoe.com earn money?
A: We show ads on the page, and most of the income from the ads goes directly to skins.
Q: Is it allowed to make use a bot?
A: No, you should not use a bot. Our only income is from ads, and bots do not see ads! If we detect a bot, autoclicker, betting script or similar we will ban the account.
Q: Do I need to deposit to withdraw a skin?
A: No, the withdrawal is completely free.
Q: Can I deposit skins on csgojoe.com to play with?
A: No, csgojoe.com is completely free site, you can’t deposit skins, you can only withdraw for free!
Q: When the shop will be refilled with skins?
A: We do refill the shop whenever it’s needed to be refilled.
Q: is csgojoe.com Legit?
A: Yes it is legit, People withdraw skins everyday from our site for free!, you can go to the “SKINSHOP” page and see the recent skins purchased by users.
Q: How can I see which user has the highest coins?
A: You can go to “Stats” Page and there you will see the top coin holders.
Q: How to Contact you?
A: Send us a support ticket by clicking on “Support” Page, Or Message us on our Facebook/Twitter
Q: Does csgojoe.com make any Giveaway?
A: Yes we always do lots of Giveaways, Join our steam group/follow our social media so you can know when there is a Giveaway.
Q: How many coins do I need to get a CS:GO skin?
A: Look at the skins at the SKINSHOP page
Q: How do csgojoe.com generate random numbers?
A: The randomness comes from atmospheric noise. We use random.org to generate random numbers!
Q: Can I use multiple accounts on csgojoe.com?
A: No, only one account per person is allowed. Users playing with multiple accounts will get all their accounts banned from the site.

What is CS:GOJOE

free casual betting site, where you get free coins to play with
  • You can trade the coins you won to real CS:GO Skins
  • It is completely free to play!
  • You get free coins every time you reach 0!
  • Easy sign in with your Steam account
  • Sign in and play for free, and win CS:GO skins!